Shrubs and Trees

The following is a listing of the shrubs, trees, and evergreens that we work with. If you don't see it here, don't worry, we will do our best to track it down for you.


Upright Junipers - Shrubs, Full Sun

  • Canaert – dark green, informal branching 15’-20’x15’
  • Moonglow – silver blue foliage 20’x6’ 
  • Ketlerri – light green, conical wide shape 15’-20’x4’-6’

Cypress - Shrubs, Partial Shade

  • Filifera – thread branch cypress, mounding habit, green or gold foliage, likes moisture 8’x4’ 
  • Golden Mop – dwarf form remains gold all year 3’-6’x3’-6’ 
  • Vintage Gold – fern like form of Golden Mops 3’-6’x3’-5’ 
  • Hinoki – slow growing, horizontal sprays of shiny green foliage, moist, well drained 6-8’x3’-4’

Arborvitae - Shrubs, Partial Shade

  • Nigra – broad pyramid, coarse texture 25’x10’
  • Techny – broad pyramid, dark green, coarse texture 15’x10’ 
  • Pyramid – narrow pyramid, feathery foliage 25’x5’ 
  • DeGroots Spire – fine texture, narrow column habit, slow growing 12-15’ x 3’-5’ 
  • Sunskist – broad pyramid, show growing, yellow color 12’x6’ 
  • Rheingold – unusual, orange-gold, round to pyramid 4’x4’ 
  • Woodward Globe – rounded, requires no pruning 4’x4’v

Spreading Junipers - Shrubs, Full Sun

  • Andorra – green foliage turns plum colored in winter 2’x6’
  • Blue Rug – silver blue 4”x6’
  • Blue Star – slow growing, silvery blue, mounded 2’x4’ 
  • Calgary Carpet – soft, lacy green 5’-10’x5’-6’ 
  • Gold Star-Gold Tip-Old Gold – gold colored evergreen 3’x6’ 
  • Saybrook Gold – bright gold 30”x4’-6’ 
  • Procumbens Nana – Japanese cr. garden juniper, light green, mounded 4’-6”x6’ 
  • Seagreen – mint green foliage, feathery 4’x4’-5’

Taxus Yew - Shrubs, Full Shade


  • Browni – thick 10’x10’ 
  • Wardi – low 3’x6’
  • Densiformis – nice density 4’x8’


  • Capitata – pyramidal, shear to any size 15’-25’x6’-8’ 
  • Adams – layery, columnar 15’-18’x6’-8’ 
  • Hicksi – columnar, dark green 12’x6’

Fir - Shrubs, Partial Shade

  • Concolor – white fir, native, pyramidal evergreen with blue green fleshy soft needles 2” long 30’-50’x15’-30’ 
  • Douglas - Native, soft bluegreen to green foliage, broad upright, attractive cones 40’-80’x 15’-20’

Deciduous Conifers - Shrubs, Full Sun

  • Bald Cypress – native, pale green ferny foliage, turns red and drops needles in fall, likes wet soils. 50’-70’x20’-30’
  • Dawn Redwood – reddish brown bark 60’x30’
  • American Larch – native, short soft needs, turns yellow in the fall, tolerates moist soil 50’-70’x20’-30’
  • Weeping Japanese Larch – soft bluish green foliage, turns gold in the fall.  Varied HxW
  • Cascade Falls – weeping bald cypress, selected from native species, beautiful fall color, orange, gold and bronze 8’-10’x8’-10’

Pine - Shrubs, Partial Shade

  • Mugho – can be kept low and mounded or grow naturally 2’-8’ x 6’-8’
  • White – native, soft blue green long needles, large and massive when mature, prefers good drainage 70’x80’ x 20’x35’

Hemlock - Shrubs, Full Shade

Native, graceful, fern-like foliage, pyramidal, shears well 40’-70’x 25’-35’

Spruce - Shrubs, Full Sun

  • Alberta - Dwarf pyramid, slow growing, light green foliage 5’-10’ x 4’-5’ 
  • Bird Nest (partial shade) - Mounded, flat top, slow growing 3’x6’
  • Colorado Green - Native, green color 50’-60’ x 20’-25’
  • Colorado Blue - Selected for blue color, fast growing 50’-60’ x 20’-25’
  • Grafted Blue - Grafted for uniform blue color, many cultivars available, very slow growing 
  • Norway - Fast growing, upright, bright green foliage 60’-70’ x 30’

Broadleaf Evergreens - Shrubs, Partial Shade

  • Azalea – evergreen hybrids, acid soil, spring blossoms, holds leaves in the winter, some fall color, yellow to red, North or East with a windbreak 3’ x 3’ 
  • Cascade – white 
  • Boudoir – pink 
  • Hino Crimson – red 
  • Karens – lavender 
  • Deciduous – Exbury – large, flowering, nice fall color, acid soil, North or East with a windbreak 5’-6’ x 5’-6’ 
  • Boxwood – Canadian and Korean Wintergreen - hardiest of all boxwoods, can be sheared to any size 4’ x 3’
  • Pink 
  • Yellow 
  • Orange

Holly (Evergreen) - Shrubs, Partial Shade

  • Blue Princess – female, cross-pollinate with Prince for red holly berries in fall, acid soil
  • Blue Prince – male, glossy blue-green foliage, can shear to any size 8’-12’ x 8’ mature
  • Inkberry – dark green, glossy leaves, acid soil, blue berries in fall 3’x3’

Oregon Grape Holly - Shrubs, Full Shade

Large glossy leaves, yellow flowers, blue fruit, north or east with wind break 3’-5’ x 3’-5’

Holly (Deciduous) - Shrubs, Partial Shade

  • Winter Red – native, large bright red fruit, female, ok in wet soils 6’-9’ x 6’-8’ 
  • Sparkelberry – golden yellow fall color, red berries are persistent, multi-stem 8’-10’ x 6’-8’ 
  • Southern Gentleman – male to cross-pollinate above females for berries 6’-9’ x 6’-8’

Northern Bayberry - Shrubs, Partial Shade

Native, glossy foliage, bayberry scented leaves, waxy blue berries 5’-12’ x 10’-12’

Mountain Laurel - Shrubs, Partial Shade

Pink spring flowers, acid soil,  north or east with wind break 3’-6’ x 3’-6’

Pyracantha - Shrubs, Partial Shade

Fine thorn, orange to red fruit, white flowers 8’-12’ x 8’-10’

Cherry - Ornamental Trees, Full Sun

Weeping and upright, pink or white spring flowering, does not like a wet spot

  • Canada Red Chokeberry -  25’ x20’ Small tree, native, multi or single stem, leaves emerge green then change to maroon red late April or early May, 3-6” white flower racemes. 
  • Virginiana – Native, same as Canada Red except leaves remain green 25’ x 20’ 
  • Autumn Flowering Cherry  –  20’-30’ x 15’-25’ Semi-pink double flowers open a bit in the fall then fully open spring      
  • Kwanzan – Large, double pink flowers, reddish fall color, north or east with windbreak best 
  • Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry  –  6’-15’ x 12’ True dwarf, snow white, early spring flowers 
  • Higgan Weeping Cherry – 25’-30’ x 20’-25’ Graceful, weeping, native, double pink flowers

Rhododendron - Shrubs, Partial Shade

  • Roseum Elegans - lavender pink, acid soil, north or east with wind break 6’-8’ x 6’-8’
  • PJM – early, lavender pink 4’ x 4’

Yellowwood - Ornamental Trees, Full Sun

20’-30’ x 30’-40’ Native, white or pink flowering May to June, golden yellow fall color, excellent large ornamental or small shade tree

Plum - Ornamental Trees

  • Purple Sandcherry – Cistena 7’ x 7’ Multi or single stem, maroon purple foliage summer, light pink spring flowers

Redbud - Ornamental Trees, Full Shade

Native, purplish-pink spring flowers, heart shaped leaves, great for woodsy locations or naturalizing

  • Lavender Twist – a pendulous form-artistic branching 8’-10’ x 8’ 
  • Forest Pansy – reddish-purple foliage, rose-purple flowers in May, needs a sunnier spot for best foliage color

Birch - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

Native, fast growing large ornamental tree, can be single stem but usually found in a clump or multi-stem form, exfoliating bark, adds winter interest. 

  • Heritage and Whitespike – white bark cultivars, resistant to bronze birch borer 
  • River – creamy cinnamon ivory bark, very vigorous
  • Royal Frost – purple leaf birch, white bark, yellow-orange fall color

Smoke Tree - Ornamental Trees, Full Sun

8’-10’ x 8’-10’ Bloom looks like puffs of smoke, very interesting small tree or multi-stemmed shrub, beautiful red fall foliage 

  • Royal Purple/Velvet Cloak – purple-red leaves all summer
  • Grace – leaves are light red when young then mature to a blue green, smoke blooms are pink

Hawthorn “Winter King” - Ornamental Trees, Full Sun

26’ x 20’ Silvery bark, persistant red berries last into winter, beautiful against the snow, selected from native species

Dogwood - Ornamental Trees, Full Shade

15’-20’ x 15’-18’ Native, pink, white or red spring flowers, red fall color and fruits, prefers acid soil, pink and red varieties, need a north or east location with a wind break, lovely small ornamental 

  • Kousa Dogwood – Chinese dogwood blooms 2 weeks after American cultivars, exfoliating bark, cherry-like fruits that taste like pomegranites, pink and white varieties available 
  • Pagoda Dogwood – large native shrub or small tree, grows in horizontal layers, white flowers resemble Queen Anne’s Lace blooms, not typical dogwood, berries are black, very hardy, does not require acid soil

Horse Chestnut - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

30’-40’ x 20’-30’ Large, cone-shaped spring flowers, set on the branches like candles in May, red, pink, white and yellow cultivars available, white is seedless

Fringe Tree - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

15’-18’ x 15’-18’ Showy, fringe-shaped, fragrant flowers in spring, showy blue fruits on female plants

Flowering Crabs - Ornamental Trees, Full Sun

4’-25’ x 6’-20’ Weeping and upright, dwarf and standard sizes available, flowers of red, pink, white in spring, fall berries of orange, red or yellow, very hardy versatile ornamental tree, many cultivars available, all disease tolerant

  • Dwarf – Sargent, Sargent Tina, Coral Burst
  • Standard – Indian Summer, Sugar Tyme, Royalty, Golden Raindrops 
  • Weeping – Red Jade, Candymint

Serviceberry - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

18’-20’ x 15’ Native, white to pink spring flowers, red fall color, edible red fruits, ok in wet soils

Corlus Contorta - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

8’ x 8’ Small specimen tree with interesting branches that are contorted, twisting and curling, great winter interest, beech-like leaves, small yellow catkins droop and add interest

Pea Tree - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

6’ x 3’ Weeping and upright, yellow pea-like spring flowers, well adapted to drought and poor soil

Carolina Silverbell - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

18’-25’ x 15’-20’ Native, white bell-shaped flowers in May

Japanese Snowball - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

12’-18’ x 12’-18’ White, bell-shaped pendant flowers in June-July, nice, small ornamental

Japanese Tree Lilac (Ivory Silk) - - Ornamental Trees, Full Sun

18’x20’ x 15’-18’ Creamy white, large flowers in June-July, blooms after all other lilac cultivars have finished, excellent, small ornamental tree, very showy

Japanese Maple Cultivars - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

5’-18’ x 5’-10’ Bloodgood-Lace Leaf – deep red or green leaves, weeping or upright, nice reddish fall color

Fruitless Weeping Mulberry - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

8’-15’ x 12’-15’

  • Chaparelle – vigorous growing small tree, cascading slender branches, umbrella-like

Katsura (upright or weeping) - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

15’-40’ x 10’-40’ Small, heart-shaped leaves, yellow –scarlet fall color

Ornamental Pear - Ornamental Trees, Full Sun

25’-30’ x 15’-18’

  • Cleveland Select/Improved Bradford - white spring flower, red fall color, pyramid shape

Magnolias - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

8’-25’ x 8’-25’

  • Cucumber Tree – native, spring greenish flowers, foliage thick and lustrous, shaggy bark, pink-red cucumber fruits in October 50’-80’ x 40’-60’
  • Ann/Betty – red-purple  flowers in May 8’-10’ x 6’-8’ 
  • Butterflies – yellow flowers 18’-20’ x 15’ 
  • Stellata/Royal Star – star magnolia, white flowers, early spring, multi-stemmed 15’ x 10’ 
  • Leonard Messel – pink and white, early, fragrant 20’-25’ x 25’ 
  • Soulangiana Alexandria/Galaxy – rose-purple saucer-shaped flowers 20’-25’ x 20’ 
  • Sweet Bay – native, fragrant, creamy white flowers, June-September, slender upright semi-evergreen if protected

Golden Chain Tree - Ornamental Trees, Full Sun

18’-20’ x 10’-15’ Long racemes of rich, yellow flowers, tree has an upright vase shape

Sassafras - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

40’ x 35’ Native, excellent woodsy tree, leave is interesting, great orange-red fall color

Beech (Weeping or upright) - Ornamental Trees, Partial Shade

30’-40’ x 12’-30’ Green, purple or tricolor, slow growing, specimen tree, silver-grey bark, sturdy branch structure

Golden Rain Tree - Ornamental Trees, Full Sun

25’-30’ x 25’-30’ Bright yellow flowers in July, very showy

Persian Parrotia - Ornamental Trees, Full Sun

30’ x 20’ Red flower stamins are showy, orange-red fall color

Ash (Green/Autumn Applause/Autumn Purple/Rosehill) - Shade Trees, Full Sun

45’ x 35’ Yellow to purple fall color, dependable shade tree

Sycamore (London/ Plane Tree/Bloodgood) - Shade Trees, Partial Shade

50’ x 40’ Fast growing, likes moisture, craggy white bark

Tulip - Shade Trees, Full Sun

60’-80’ x 35’ Native, state tree of Indiana, tulip-shaped leaves, greenish orange tulip shaped flowers late May, golden yellow full color, fast growing

Willow (Niobe/Golden/Corkscrew) - Shade Trees, Full Sun

50’ x 50’ Broadly spreading, weeping, likes wet spots

Persimmon - - Shade Trees, Full Sun

50’ x 35’ Native, edible, yellow-orange fruit after frost in October, woodsy

Catalpa - Shade Trees, Partial Shade

50’ x 35’ Native, flowers resemble white orchids, fragrant, tolerance of tough conditions-heat and drought

Kentucky Coffee Tree - Shade Trees, Full Sun

50’ x 35’ Nice filtered shade, huge compound leaves, yellow fall color

Hardy Rubber Tree - Shade Trees, Full Sun

40’ x 40’ Excellent shade tree, leathery glossy leaves, almost any soil, resists drought

Aspen - Shade Trees, Full Sun

40’ x 30’ Native, any soil type, moist, shallow rocky clay, small leaves tremble in the wind

Sweet Gum - Shade Trees, Full Sun

50’ x 30’ Star-shaped foliage, corky bark, slow growing, brilliant maroon, reds, orange fall colors

Elm (Frontier/Accolade) - Shade Trees, Full Sun

40’ x 30’ New hybrids, disease resistant, good growth rate, Frontier has red fall color, Accolade has yellow fall color

Locust (Imperial/Sunburst/Royal Robe/Shademaster/Skyline) - Shade Trees, Full Sun

45’ x 35’ Fast growing shade tree, small, fern-like leaves

Linden (Green Spine/Legacy/Sterline) - Shade Trees, Full Sun

45’ x 35’ Fast growing, symmetrical, pyramid, good shade tree, flowers smell like lemon-lime

Sour Gum (Black Tupelo) - Shade Trees, Partial Shade

35’ x 20’ Native, slow growing, ok in poorly drained soils and occasional drought, red fall color

Gingko (Autumn Gold) - Shade Trees, Full Sun

45’ x 35’Broadly pyramid, male clove, gold fall color, slow growing, fan shaped leaf

Oak (White, Red, Pin, Sawtooth, English) - Shade Trees, Full Sun

60’ x 50’ Good shade tree, provides acorns for forage, long lived

Apples (self fertile or self sterile) - Fruit Trees and Plants, Full Sun

  • SF September Wonder – early Fuji, white flesh 
  • SF Cortland – dark red, underlaid stripes 
  • SF McIntosh – red, mid-late, good for cooking or eating 
  • SS Honeycrisp – red over yellow, good for cooking or eating, mid-late, Red Delicious is a good pollinator
  • SF Winesap – red, good for cooking or eating fresh 
  • SF Candy Crisp – yellow with pink blush, large fruit, unique flavor 
  • SF Red Delicious – mid-late, red 
  • SF Yellow Delicious – mid-late, yellow 
  • SF Lodi – improved Early Transparent, early 
  • SF Early Transparent – ripens early July, good for sauce and pie 
  • SS Royal / Grand Gala – red strain, early, good for cooking or eating, Yellow Delicious is a good pollinator 
  • SF Gingergold – yellow with a pink blush, sweet-tart, large, juicy, firm and crisp 
  • SF Granny Smith – late, green, good to eat or cook 
  • SF Fuji – myra red, crisp, juicy, late, good to eat or cook

Sour Cherry - Fruit Trees and Plants, Full Sun

Does not like a wet spot

  • SF Montmorrency – mid-season, bright red, best in our area, no wet spots

Apricot - Fruit Trees and Plants, Full Sun

  • SF Chinese Mormon – orange skin, red blush, blooms late 
  • SF Puget Gold – blooms early March, bears early August, good to dry
  • SF Tilton – golden yellow with red blush, mid to late June, eat fresh or can 
  • SF Gold Cot – orange flesh, gold skin, large, very winter hardy 
  • SF Harglow – yellow to orange skin, mid to late July 
  • SF Wilson – reddish skin, large fruit, mid July, good to eat, can or freeze

Nectarine - Fruit Trees and Plants, Full Sun

  • SF Fantasia – freestone, yellow with red blush, large fruit

Sweet Cherry - Fruit Trees and Plants, Full Sun

Does not like a wet spot 

  • SS Royal Anne – yellow with red blush, cross with Van or Stella
  • SS Van – mid, similar to Bing, black, sweet, cross with Anne or Stella 
  • SF Stella – mid, large, heart shaped, dark, sweek 
  • SF White Gold – red blush over yellow 
  • SF Black Gold – black, sweet, large fruit 
  • SF Emperor Francis – light red, sweet cherry, yellow inside, good fresh or canned

Peach - Fruit Trees and Plants, Full Sun

  • SF Polly – white peach with red blush 
  • SF Red Haven – early August 
  • SF Frost – freestone, large fruit, mid-August, yellow 
  • SF Belle of Georgia – white, large peach, good to eat or can 
  • SF Sensation Mini Peach – patio peach 
  • SF Carolina Bell – white flesh 
  • SF Elberta Lovell – freestone, large, favorite

Persimmon - Fruit Trees and Plants, Full Sun

35’-60’ x 20’-35’ Native, need several to cross-pollinate, edible yellow to orange fruit, ripens after frost in October, male or female but sometimes both sexes  are on the same tree, wood is used to make golf club heads or billiard cues

Paw Paw - Fruit Trees and Plants, Partial Shade

15’-20’ x 10’-20’ Native, need several to cross-pollinate 

  • Indiana Banana – edible brown fruit, large droopy leaves, purple flowers

Red Plum (Semi-Dwarf) - Fruit Trees and Plants, Full Sun

  • SF Santa Rosa – red, large fruit
  • SF Alderman – red, large fruit, nice fall color

Plum (European / Semi-Dwarf) - Fruit Trees and Plants, Full Sun

  • SF Brooks – blue, large fruit
  • SF Stanley – blue, good to dry for prunes 
  • SF Green Gage – greenish yellow when ripe, sweet 
  • SF Empress – blue, late, large fruit 
  • SF Damson – blue, medium fruit

Pears (Semi-Dwarf)  - Fruit Trees and Plants, Full Sun

  • SS Red Anjou – late August-mid September, red pear 
  • SS Cascade – large, red blush, yellow pear, good keeper 
  • SS Moonglow – golden, mid-August, good keeper, fresh or canned 
  • SF Dutchess – large, yellow, white flesh 
  • SS Summer Crisp – red blush, harvest when green, early to end of season 
  • SS Red Bartlett – red, cross with Bartlett or Moonglow 
  • SF Seckle – sugar pear, self fertile

Fruit Plants also available - Fruit Trees and Plants

  • Blueberry – several cultivars to cross pollinate 
  • Blackberry
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberries
  • Currents 
  • Gooseberries 
  • Rhubarb 
  • Grape Vines 
  • Nut Trees – Pecan, Filbert, Walnut, Butternut, Chinese Chestnut

Plumcot – (Semi-Dwarf, cross between apricot and plum) - Fruit Trees and Plants, Full Sun

  • SS Spring Satin – purple outside, apricot colored inside, cross with a Japanese plug, suggest Santa Rosa

Flowering Almond - Flowering Shrubs, Full Sun

5’ x 3’-4’ Old fashioned double pink to single pink flowers, early spring

Althea/Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus hybrids) - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

8’-10’ x 6’-8’ Medium to large flowers heavy in July and August, available in multi or single stem, purple, pink, white, almost any soil, wet areas are fine, nice for massing or a single specimen

Barberry/Crimson Pygmy - Flowering Shrubs, Full Sun

2’ x 3’ Low growing, mounded habit, small yellow spring flowers, maroon red leaves all summer, bright red fall

Buttonbush - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

3’-6’ x 3’-6’ Native, creamy white button-shaped flowers, mid-July, nice for naturalizing wet areas, thrives in wet, watery soil

Caryopteris/Blue Mist/Gold Mist Spirea/Sunshine Blue/Dark Knight - Flowering Shrubs, Full Sun

3’ x 3’ Fragrant blue flowers in August-September, blue green to golden foliage

Bottlebrush Buckeye - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

5’-12’ x 8’-15’ Native, white flower spikes in July are spectacular, very woodsy

Clethra/Summersweet - Flowering Shrubs, Full Shade

3’-6’ x 3’-6’ Native

  • Ruby Spice – dark pink
  • Hummingbird/Sixteen Candles – white, deep green foliage, spicy sweet fragrance, thrives in moist shade, blooms July-September

Beautyberry (Early Amethyst) - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

3’-4’ x 3’-4’ Showy purple berries, September-November, great accent plant

Calycantnus/Sweet Shrub - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

6’-9’ x 6’-9’ Native, aromatic stems and leaves, dark reddish brown fragrant May flowers, glossy foliage

Cranberry Cotoneaster - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

2’-3’ x 4’-6’ Dense, mounding habit with small glossy leaves, pink or white flowers late May, red berries late summer, red fall color

Dogwood/Red or Yellow Twig - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

6’-8’ x 6’ Shrub form, colorful stems in winter, red or yellow, looks beautiful with snow, white lacy spring flowers, bright red fall color, nice for massing, likes moisture, small berries for songbirds, also available in variegated forms

Wisteria (vine or tree form) - Flowering Shrubs, Full Shade

Blooms purple fragrant flowers May-June and intermittent during the summer

  • Amethyst Falls – native, American Wisterias are slower growing and less invasive than Asian ones

Deutzia gracilis - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

3’ x 3’ Low plant, slender arching branches, single white flowers late May

Weigelia - Flowering Shrubs, Full Sun

Very hardy flowering shrub    

  • Variegated – 4’-5’ x 4’-5’ – pink, ivory and yellow variegated leaves, pink flowers
  • My Monet – 18” x 18” – pink and ivory variegated leaves, reddish-pink flowers
  • Dark Horse/Fine Wine – 2’-4’ x 2’-4’ – burgundy foliage, pink flowers
  • Wine and Roses – 4’-5’ x 4’-5’ – burgundy-purple foliage, hot pink flowers
  • Midnight Wine – 18”-24” x 18”-24” – burgundy-purple foliage, dark pink flowers

E Vonymus (Alatus Compacta/Dwarf Burning Bush) - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

8’-10’ x 8’-10’ Compact growth, ideal for hedges or massing, brilliant red fall color, small orange berry

Pagoda (Alternifolia) - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

15’-25’ x 20’-25’ Large native shrub or small tree, small white flowers and bluish black berries, leaves turn red in fall, flowers resemble the week “Queen Anne’s Lace”, not like regular dogwood, does not require acid soil, grows fast.

Witchhazel (Hamamelis/Vernal/Virginiana) - Flowering Shrubs, Full Shade

10’-20’ x 8’-12’ Native, pale yellow flowers fall, in February create late winter interest, great for naturalizing, ok for moist shady locations

  • Arnolds Promise – large clear yellow, russet, fragrant

Fathergilla gardenia dwarf - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

3’ x 3’-4’ Scented 2”-3” bottlebrush-like flowers appear late April-May before leaves appear, fall colors of orange, red and yellow

Viburnum - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

  • Carlesi-Korean Spice – 3’-4’ x 3’-4’ – fragrant white flowers in April, pink buds
  • Carlcepulum-Fragrant Snowball – 6’-8’ x 6’-8’ – fragrant flowers, fall color
  • Cayuga-Hybrid Korean Spice – 3’-4’ x 3’-4’ – spicy fragrant flowers, red fall color, pink bud, white
  • Leatherleaf – 10’-12’ x 10’-12’ - dark green leathery leaves, red fruits
  • Dentatum-Arrowwood - 8’-12’ x 6’-10’ – native, great hedges, white flowers, raspberry fall color, blue berries
  • O.Sterilis – 6’-8’ x 6’-8’ – old fashioned snowball
  • Trilobum-American Cranberry Bush – 8’-12’ x 8’-12’ – native, white flowers May, red berries and red fall color
  • Prunifolia-Blacknow – 12’-15’ x 8’-12’ – white flowers, red fall color

Forsythia - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

7’-8’ x 5’-6’

  • Lynwood Gold/Northern Sun – one of the first signs of spring, deep golden yellow flowers and lavender fall color, also available in dwarf forms (3’ x 4’-6’)

Nikko Blue - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

3’ x 3’ Blue flowers when soil is acidified

Sumac-Staghorn - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade               

10’-12’ x 12’-15’ Native, fussy branches, bright red fruit in fall, excellent for naturalizing, massing waste areas, banks

Hydranga Peteolaris - Flowering Shrubs, Full Shade

8’ – 12’ spread Climbing hydrangea, attractive vine for shady spots, large white flowers late June, dark glossy foliage, brown peely bark, very interesting

Tamarix-Summer Glow-Pink Cascade - Flowering Shrubs, Full Sun

10’-15’ x 8’-10’ Rosy pink flowers in summer on feathery silver-blue foliage, tolerant of poor soil

Lilac (syringa – May flowers) -  Flowering Shrubs, Full Sun

8’-12’ x 6’-12’

  • French – purple, white, pink, blue, large flowers, fragrant
  • Persian – 6’-8’ x 5’-10’, mid-May, fragrant, lilac colored
  • Hungarium – blooms 2 weeks after other lilacs, fragrant purple-red flowers
  • Common – purple-purple flowers in May     

All Summer Beauty/Endless Summer/Penny Mac - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

3’ x 3’ Blooms on old and new wood, large heads of pink or blue, needs acid soil

Spirea - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

Very hardy flowering shrub                                   

  • Gold Mound – 18”-24” x 2’-3’ – pink flowers June and July, golden yellow foliage, red fall color
  • Gold Flame – 2’-3’ x 3’-4’ – gold leaves, orange tips, pink flowers, red fall color
  • Magic Carpet – 18” x 2’ – red leaf tips on golden foliage with pink flowers, red fall color
  • Alpina – 12” x 2’-3’ – soft pink flowers, very dwarf, compact, small leaves
  • Little Princess – 18”-24” x 31” – compact, small leaves, pink flowers in summer
  • Shirobana – 2’-3’ x 3’-4’ – pink, white and red flowers, nice fall color
  • Nipponica-Snowmound – 3’-5’ x 4’-5’ – white flower in May, blue green foliage, lavender fall color
  • Van Houttei – 5’-6’ x 6’-8’ – open graceful habit, white flowers in May

Ivory Silk/Japanese Tree Lilac - Flowering Shrubs, Full Sun

25’ x 15’-25’  Blooms June-July, large white flowers, fragrant

Pec Gee (tree or bush form) - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

6’-8’ x 6’-8’ Large showy white flowers August-September, flowers dry well

Oakleaf - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

4’-8’ x 4’-8’ Native, flowers June-August, large, oak-shaped leaves turn red in the fall, interesting bark

Annabelle/Incrediball - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

3’-5’ x 3’-5’ Huge white flowers June-September, selected from native species

Meyeri-Palabin - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

4’-6’ x 5’-7’ Nice lavender-purple flowers, red fall color, a true reliable dwarf

Ilex Verticillata (Winterberry/Winter gold/Sparkelberry/Winter Red) - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

6’-8’ x 6’-8’ Native, bright red fruit, native to swampy places, excellent for mass effect

Hypericum/St. Johns Wort - Flowering Shrubs, Full Sun


  • Sunburst Hidcote – blue-green foliage, large bright yellow flowers in summer, tolerates heavy clay soil, drought-deer resistant

Potentilla - Flowering Shrubs, Full Sun

2’-3’ x 3’-4’Blooms yellow or white flowers all summer, cut back hard every fall, blue-green fine foliage

Kerria Japonica - Flowering Shrubs, Full Shade

4’-5’ x 3’-5’ Single to double golden yellow to orange flowers in spring, bright green stems are interesting for winter effect

Mockorange - Flowering Shrubs, Full Sun

6’-8’ x 5’-6’White fragrant flowers in May, old fashioned shrub border

ITEA (Henry’s Garnet, Little Henry) - Flowering Shrubs, Full Shade

2’-4’ x 3’-5’ Native, fragrant white flowers appear late June, red fall color, nice for massing or specimen

Regal - Flowering Shrubs, Full Shade

4’-5’ x 5’-6’ Arching branches, green glossy foliage, lavender fall color, fragrant white flowers

Privet-Golden Vicary/Chartruse Shrub - Flowering Shrubs, Full Sun

5’-6’ x 5’-6’ Gold leaves, fragrant white flowers, lavender fall color, very showy

Spicebush Benzoin - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

6’-8’ x 6’-8’ Native, yellow flowers in April, glossing red fruit in fall, likes moist woodsy location, foliage and twigs have a spicy fragrance when broken, nice for birds

Cut Leaf Buckthorn (Rhamus) - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

6’-8’ x 6’-8’Fern-like foliage, fine texture, nice to use for a small tree, light and airy

Qince (Japanese) - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

2’-3’ x 3’-4’ One of the first signs of spring, flowers of orange, red, white or pink, bright red fall color, yellow fruits have a sweet, pungent aroma, good for jelly

Amur - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

12’-15’ x 4’-6’  Excellent for hedges, upright growth, fast growing, shears well, fragrant flowers

Shrub Roses (Knockout) - Flowering Shrubs, Full Sun

3’-4’ x 3’-4’Red, double red, pink, double pink, rainbow, yellow, fairy, very low maintenance, blooms all summer, very showy

Dappled Willow (Hakuro Nishiki) - Flowering Shrubs, Partial Shade

5’-8’ x 5’-8’Variegated pink and ivory leaves, shrub or top-grafted tree form, striking

Weeping Pussy Willow - Flowering Shrubs, Full Shade

5’-6’ x 5’-6’Small tree, nice weeping form

Salix (French Pussy Willow) - Flowering Shrubs, Full Sun

12’-15’ x 10’-12’ Soft grey catkins, large shrub or small tree, likes a moist area, great for bouquets